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Shoplifting, sexual advances among reasons cops sent home from Olympic duty

The RCMP has revealed why 15 members of the 2010 Integrated Security Unit were sent home for misconduct, including allegations of shoplifting, unsolicited sexual advances and one officer who forgot his bullets.

Insp. Tim Shields said the 6,200 police officers working for the ISU during the Olympics were advised of stringent expectations and “any behaviour that did not meet these expectations was not tolerated.”

As a result, 15 officers from four police forces – the RCMP, and the Peel Regional, Ontario Provincial and Abbotsford Police departments – were sent home.

One officer, Shields said, breached a confidentiality agreement by taking pictures of Team Canada hockey jerseys in a locker room.

Another ISU member left shift early without permission to go to a hockey game.

In four cases, officers were accused of inappropriate sexual advances and another was charged with shoplifting in a Burnaby clothing store.

“The vast majority of these incidents were reported on by other ISU police officers,” said Shields. “The members sent home represent 0.2 per cent of the overall security workforce.”

Shields added he doesn’t know how many, if any, of the officers will be disciplined.

The other incidents include:

  • An ISU member grabbing the arm of an employee of the accommodation vessel.
  • Inappropriate intoxication on the accommodation vessel.
  • Two incidents of disrespectful conduct from one ISU member to another.
  • Two ISU members accused of engaging in drunken altercations at a bar.
  • A verbal altercation between a female ISU employee and a workplace accommodation crewmember.

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