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Shoppers enjoying the bustle of last-minute gift lines

Shoppers enjoying the bustle of last-minute gift lines
Metro/Tracy Lee

Holiday shoppers in the city during the last Sunday rush before Christmas enjoyed the hustle in their last gasp for gifts.

“I think I always seem to shop at the last minute when everyone is hustling and bustling, it makes it feel more festive,” said Brooklyn’s Adelle Lopez.

Carrying an Old Navy bag, Lopez had just bought Christmas stocking stuffers: “two little things as Christmas toppers.”

In front of Macy’s Herald Square Christmas display windows, Lopez laughed at the thought of making her way around the big block between Sixth and Seventh avenues, bouncing around to get last-minute gifts for acquaintances.

At crunch time, Lopez took also a moment to enjoy the sights in front of Macy’s.

A woman wearing a Santa hat in a makeshift store frontoutside, was selling Santa hats for $5.

“Santa hats, let’s buy them out,” she said over the lbuzz of fellow shoppers.

As families, tourists and New Yorkers took on the epicenter of New York’s holiday shopping scene, the added drop of temperatures over theweekend brought many feeling more holiday-spirited.

“Cold weather does bring out the image of Christmas,” Chris Randolph, 30, from the Bronx said.

Holding a Victoria’s Secret shopping bag as he waited on a subwayplatform, Randolph said he had been out earlier shopping with his girlfriend.

“I always wait till last minute, I always procrastinate, if it’ssuper early. I work better under pressure. I can’t wait around,” he says.

Randolph said he and his girlfirend don’t like to play guessing games when it comes to presents, which is why they shop together. “We got exactly what the person wants,” Randolph said.

He said he will be done with his Christmas shopping by Wednesday and after that, he will come into Midtown, just to see thetree at Rockefeller Center.

For others, Sunday was about taking off from shopping and instead. walking around.

Michael Moss, a native New Yorker who now lives in Florida, visits the city around this time every year with his family.

“I’m walking around with my 8-year-old granddaughter, we’re checking out the Christmas display windows, and then we’ll go to Rockefeller… I want her to see the lights,” Moss said.

But his 27-year-old son, Ian, joked that he’ll be out Christmas Eve shopping.

“It just always turns out better that way. Crunch time to go and do things,” he said.

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