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Shot trying to protect her kids

Her 2-year-old twins and others kept vigil on Thursday for the mother of seven who was shot in the head while intervening to protect her children in the courtyard of their Coney Island public housing complex.

Victoria Rogucki, 36, reportedly tried to get her 16-year-old daughter and two teenage sons safely inside when the gunfire broke out Wednesday night. She was struck by two bullets.

As doctors struggled to save her life at Lutheran Medical Center, her son Ishmel, 17, was arrested for criminal possession of a weapon, police said.

Police believe two people fired shots during the chaos at the O’Dwyer Gardens Houses and are looking for a second gunman. They have yet to determine who fired the shots that left Rogucki in critical condition and wounded three others.

The violence erupted after one of Rogucki’s teenage sons saw his sister hanging out with two young men — 21 and 24 years old — in the courtyard and tried to pull her away, according to reports. The men, who were among those shot, fled in a Ford Mustang and subsequently crashed into a nearby car, police said.

They were in stable condition.

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