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Shots fired in North Preston

Residents in a home were almost hit by the crossfire of a gunfight in North Preston Sunday night, the third shooting in the area since Thursday.

At about 8:30 p.m., Halifax RCMP say, people in two vehicles exchanged shots at the corner of Clarence Street and Johnson Road.

Some bullet fragments flew into a nearby house, nearly hitting the people in it, according to police spokesman Cpl. Joe Taplin.

“There were three occupants in the house. No one was hit but (they were) narrowly missed,” he said.

“The bullet fragments came into the same room they were in.”

Taplin said police officers were nearby and arrived at the scene within minutes but both cars had driven off. About 90 minutes later police found an abandoned red Lexus on Cherry Brook Drive. The Lexus had several bullet holes in it and police believe it was one of the vehicles in the shootout.

RCMP are still investigating but Taplin stressed they are hoping someone from the community will come forward.

“Our biggest concern is we need help from the community,” he said. “We know individuals in the community know who is responsible for this shooting. You know, this is pretty close to innocent people this time in a residence,” he said.

By midday yesterday police had left the scene of the shooting and there was no sign of the violence that occurred the night before.

The incident comes just a couple of days after two separate shootings in the area.

On Friday morning a 24-year-old male was shot on Cain Street and taken to hospital with serious but not life-threatening injuries. Police last reported he was in stable condition.

Roger Santrevo Downey, 22, was arrested later in the day and was charged yesterday with attempted murder, several firearm offences and two breaches of recognizance.

Shots were also fired in North Preston Thursday night at a man entering his house. The gunfire struck a van in the driveway and the man was unhurt.

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