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Should you be giving your dog ice cubes this summer?

is ice bad for dogs

If you think this summer’s bad for you, just imaging going through it in a fur coat. That’s what your furry friend is suffering in the summer heat. But what can you give your poor pooch to help with the heat? Is ice bad for dogs? What about ice cubes? Here’s what you can and can’t give your wonderful woofer when the temps soar.

Is ice bad for dogs? Are ice cubes bad for dogs? It doesn’t seem like something you have to ask, but due to a post that circled around the web, those questions gain momentum every year in the warmer months. A post called “NO ICE WATER FOR DOGS…PLEASE READ ASAP” detailed an unfortunate event in which a dog had to be rushed to the vet for “bloating.” The vet, the post explains, claimed the near deadly encounter was because the ice cubes created water cold enough to cause the bloat.

But what’s the truth here, and what do other vets have to say?

Is ice bad for dogs? Are ice cubes bad for dogs?

So, are ice cubes bad for dogs? Should you leave them out of the water bowls all summer? Although there’s a kernel of truth to the story explained in the blog post, it’s probably not something most dog owners need to worry about. “If the dog is overheated and dehydrated, and desperate for fluids and they consume huge, huge amounts of ice cubes or water all at one time, it could create a situation where the dog could bloat,” Dr. Randall Carpenter, a vet who practices in Michigan, told FOX17.

He explained to the station that huge amounts of water at any temperature aren’t ideal for pooches and can cause the same belly-swelling symptoms. Ice in the summer can actually be good for dogs in moderation, he added.

In fact, “ice cubes can actually be used to slow down the rate of ingestion of water by overly excited dogs,” Dr. Jerry Klein, American Kennel Club’s Chief Veterinary Officer explained in a post. “Offering ice cubes is a way of adjusting the rate and amount of water a dog takes in.”

is ice bad for dogs are ice cubes bad for dogs

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Letting Lassie chomp on some ice cubes carries a slight risk of dental damage, as it does with humans. So if your dog goes straight for the floating icebergs in their bowl instead of drinking the water, dial back on the ice cubes you drop in.

What else can you give a dog to help them cool down?

If you’re worried about standard ice cubes, you can always make special ones with filtered water. As Dr. Klein points out in his post, “an ice cube is only as good as the water you freeze to make it.” So if it’s the potential chemicals in tap water holding you back, pick up a filter for making ice cubes for every member of the family, furry or otherwise.

You can also make your dog healthy “pupsicles” for those hot and humid months. Rover, the sitter and walking service, has plenty of ideas for frozen dog treats that are healthy for your furry friend. They include canine-friendly ingredients like watermelon, yogurt, pumpkin (good for their tummies) and, of course, peanut butter.

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