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Should you be mad about this Emilia Clarke interview?

Emilia Clarke Pre BAFTA Party
Very golden, Emilia. Photo: Getty

Sometimes, I just don’t know if I should be mad about something or not. We live in the age of Trump, so you know, it’s important to pick and choose your battles. But on the other hand, I’m a sucker for someone saying something ignorant adjacent, and that happens every day so. Here we are.

Emilia Clarke — “Game of Thrones’” resident Daenerys Targaryen, Mother of Dragons, etc. — talked to Rolling Stone ahead of the premiere of the seventh season. And it looks like she’s been traveling the rocky road of wokeness and bless her, she’s trying.

The questionable bit comes when she kind of compares sexism and racism. At least, I feel like that’s what she’s doing? And I’m not sure how to feel about it.

She starts talking about her views on being one of the few women on any given set — and the fact that women consistently have fewer lines than their male counterparts, even as leads. “I feel so naive for saying it, but it’s like dealing with racism,” she says. “You’re aware of it, and you’re aware of it, but one day, you go, ‘Oh, my God, it’s everywhere!’ Like you suddenly wake up to it and you go, ‘Wait a f—king second, are you . . . are you treating me different because I’ve got a pair of tits?”

Oh, that’s not all. Not yet. She continued, “It took me a really long time to see that I do get treated differently. But I look around, and that’s my daily life.” Is she saying… being treated differently as a woman is like being treated differently as a person of color? And I mean, is she wrong? I’ve got a double minority thing going on, so I don’t know!

What I do know is that if you have to preempt something by claiming naivete, maybe don’t say it? I mean, girlfriend is 30. It’s a little late to be having these types of realizations, but then again better now than never?

Literally, I don’t know how to feel. Should I be mad? Should you be mad? Just slightly tiffed? Unclear!

Anyway, “Game of Thrones” is coming back in two weeks so we can all just give ourselves that amount of time to think about it, and then get distracted by what I hope is an explosive premiere. Mmkay?

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