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Shovelling snow angels clear neighbourhood

It started with one sidewalk and then another…

By the time Donna Labas returned home from work Tuesday night her 12-year-old daughter Tamara and nine-year-old son Kyle had cleared the snow off of 17 neighbourhood sidewalks and drive-ways in three and a half hours.

“It was so touching to see, they had cleared off all of the neighbour’s sidewalks just out of the goodness their hearts. It was so cute. I am so proud,” Labas said of her snow angels.

It started with two shovels and the kids were just trying to help out their parents, Tamara said.

“Well, we love being outside and we like playing in the snow. We did our own, and then the neighbours, but then we just kept going,” she said.

Three neighbours came out to thank the kids for their good deeds, but the kids just kept going for hours.

Labas said while she is proud of her kids for what they did, but she isn’t surprised with their kindness.

“They love helping people, they love animals and I know they always put others first. Tamara volunteered at doggy care just to help out.”

Neighbours were also touched by the kindness including neighbour Victor Ng.

“I think it was good, it’s good that they are out there doing something,” he said.

Amanda Williams said she wasn’t sure who shovelled the sidewalk, but was grateful since she’s a stay-at-home mom.

“I can’t believe they did that. It’s really amazing. It’s nice because I have young kids at home and I can’t leave them alone in the house.”

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