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Show off your pearly white teeth

Thinking about having your teeth whitened? Dr. Jennifer Jablow, who has beautified the smiles of the Victoria’s Secret Angels, fills us in.

How does Boost, a treatment you offer, work?

Boost is an in-office procedure. It’s about between 35 to 40 percent hydrogen peroxide — what you get over the counter in white strips is between six and nine percent. [We apply this for] three 15-minute cycles. For 48 hours after you are more vulnerable to staining because the pores in your teeth that the oxygen pulled the stain out of are still open.

What’s the deal with the Zoom procedure?

The Zoom is a 45-minute treatment. It’s a whitening gel that’s applied in three 15-minute cycles. It’s about 35 percent peroxide as well and it has what’s called a UV Halide light. There’s controversy on whether the light really makes it work better. I have to say, I’ve been having just as good if not better results with Boost. And people find it more comfortable. You don’t have to stretch your mouth out, you don’t have the light sitting at your jaw.

Will whitening toothpaste help?

If you turn around “whitening toothpastes” they’ll have a little asterisk on them: It’ll say, “removes superficial stains.” That’s not true whitening: True whitening is when it goes into the tubes of the teeth where the pores are, where the real stains accumulate. Usually those toothpastes either have not enough peroxide to whiten, or none at all, because a good, professional level of peroxide cannot be in the same tube as fluoride or it’ll react and never come out of the tube.

Besides coffee and red wine, what are some foods that easily stain teeth?

Anything with pigment. Vinegar, because it’s so acidic. Acidic foods and drinks soften the teeth and make them more porous to stain. Blueberries are terrible, but you should eat them because of the antioxidants. Eat your blueberries, but use a stain eraser after. [With a stain eraser] you don’t have to stop eating things that you like.

What are some foods that’ll keep your teeth white?

Very crunchy, fiberous foods naturally brush the teeth. Carrots, celery, apples and cruciferous vegetables — they’re all great.

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