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Show still on, but ‘Days of Our Lives’ actor Joseph Mascolo dies at 87

Joseph Mascolo, longtime 'Days of our Lives' star died at 87.

Is that daily cup of joe breaking the bank? Well, there’s a new option for caffeine-addicted new yorkers with this ‘Cash optional coffee pop-up in Brooklyn.

We found out the adventures of your favorite mallards, Scrooge McDuck and nephew Huey, Dewey and Louie, are set to make a return to the screen. Check out”DuckTales summer 2017 catchy teaser.

A former Boston Red Sox pitcher us trading in his reds for blues. The Staten Island native is the newest addition to the Port Authority Police force.

A white student might have to face legal ramifications for his racist social media posts in Philly.

Speaking of changes, President-elect’s youngest daughter might be switching zip codes. The recent college grad was spotted checking out the Harvard Law School campus earlier this week.

A photo posted by Tiffany Ariana Trump (@tiffanytrump) on

Some thieves figured out the bag is sometimes worth more than what’s inside, taking off with $500,000 worth of Coach bags from a Newark, New Jersey warehouse this morning.

Maybe they had to steal the handbags to afford the rising New York City area rents. Here’s a look at the most expensive zip codes in NYC.

The Trump Administration finally put to bed rumors that former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani might fulfill a White House leadership role. Spoiler alert: He won’t.

Looking to escape the cold? Health officials declared Miami beach a Zika free zone today.

SCAM ALERT! Watch out where your entering personal information on Amazon, because thieves are looking for it.

And the next Fast and the Furious(yes, that’s still a thing) will be…

Sad news out of Canada where seven penguins inexplicable drowned at a zoo.

Odell Beckham slammed Skip Bayless on Twitter.

Philly health officials are imposing new restrictions on tobacco sales to encourage people to quit.

Housewives everywhere are in mourning today after longtime “Days of Our Lives” actor Joseph Mascolo died at 87. Don’t worry, the show’s still on, though.

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