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Showing soap scum the door


Dear Charles The Butler,

What is the most effective way of removing stubborn soap scum and film from a glass shower door?

I have tried commercial cleaning products with no success.

Thank you.

S. E.

Dear S.E.

Thank you for your question. I can only imagine how unpleasant it must be to have a dirty glass shower door on a regular basis.

1. The shower door should be cleaned as often as possible. Mineral content in water varies depending on where you live.

This, along with soap residue, leads to what is commonly referred to as “soap scum,” which continues to build up over time if not cleaned regularly.

2. To remove soap scum, try using a light acidic solution of half warm water and half white distilled vinegar.

Spray the solution on the glass surface and allow it to rest for one minute.

Then wipe clean with a sponge, while remembering to rinse thoroughly.

Only use this on tiled walls, glass and never use vinegar on marble.

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