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Sid Rosenberg: The calendar reads – it’s sports overload season

There's almost too much going on in the sports world in late October and early Nov
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Each year in a small window of time, every one of the “Big 4” professional sports leagues seasons’ overlap, and fans are blessed with the opportunity to enjoy a smorgasborg of action on any given night. For sports fans this is the ultimate time year, but unfortunately this “aligning of the sports planets” will be coming to an end this week.

That’s right, by weeks end we will have crowned a World Series champion, and Major League Baseball will have closed the books on its 147th season.That will be the last of the excruciatingly long baseball season that for a Mets fan like myself could not have come to an end any sooner. Unfortunately as a Mets fan, there is nothing more familiar than looking forward to next season – but thankfully there is always a next season. Mets fans will have something to look forward to next season as all signs point to our stars getting a full offseason of rest to nurse their injuries and come into spring training fully prepared to make a playoff run. But I digress from the topic at hand.

As a sports personality, I am always looking to watch some sports on a nightly basis and this past month has had me feeling happier than a fat tick on a skinny dog.Whether it’s Monday Night Football, the Major League Baseball playoffs, NBA or NHL action – every night there seems to be a game that has me excited.

Now I am positive that excitement won’t be going away anytime soon, but when one professional sport ends its season Iget a unique feeling.I get a feeling that once the World Series concludes that the Fall season is in full swing. Cold, windy, and wet days seem to become the norm and we yearn for the Spring before we have seen a lick of snow on the ground.We start to get our first action of NFL teams playing in the bitter cold weather, seeing their breathas they huff and puff down the field.Hockey and basketball fans don beanies, scarves and down-feathered jackets as they make their way to the warm arenas – hoping to end the night with a win to keep their minds off the bitter cold. It is a special time of year and this week is the turning point.

All that said, we really should come up with a calendar that coincides with American sports.Let me explain. For avid sports fans – why have the seasons of Summer, Spring, Fall, and Winter?We should come up with a calendar that coincides with the busiest time of the year for sports.

Who needs seasons based on the weather patterns when we have no idea what the weather is going to be like?It was 80 degrees in middle of October and no one could convince me that it was a typical Autumn day. One thing I can guarantee you is that the New York Jets will play at least threegames in October. How many wins they have is another question.

I am sick and tired of the four seasons, and it’s time for us sports fanatics to make a calendar that works for us.

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