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Sidescrollers: Xbox One and Playstation 4 finally have some new games

Titanfall lets you get inside some really, really big robots. Credit: Electronic Arts

It’s been several months since the Xbox One and Playstation 4 started invading our already overstuffed living rooms. However, there really hasn’t been all that much to, you know, play on either console. The drought begins to lift now. Here are reviews of AAA exclusive titles for each system.

Xbox One
Electronic Arts
4 globes

The Halo series almost single handedly made the Xbox and the Xbox 360 household names, so it’s only fitting that another first person shooter would help put the new console on the map. “Titanfall” actually brings new ideas to the table, which could help bring new players to the genre. The gameplay is lightning fast and kinetic, calling to mind “Mirror’s Edge” rather than “Call of Duty.” Also, it must be noted, you can get in gigantic mechs and blast the crap out of everyone you see. When is that ever not cool?

About the only downside here is the underwhelming campaign, which features some half baked missions and mediocre voice acting. Seriously, though, this is a game for people who want to blow their friends up and to that end it is an absolute marvel.

‘Infamous: Second Son’
PlayStation 4
Sony Computer Entertainment
5 globes

The major complaint with these new consoles is that the games don’t seem, uh, next gen-y enough. The third installment of the “Infamous” series might finally put an end to all of that talk. This game looks good. Much of the environment is destructible and everything just looks so, for lack of a better word, shiny.

For newbs, “Infamous: Second Son” is an open world action game in which you have a bunch of cool superpowers. Think “X-Men” mixed with “GTA” and you’d have a good jumping off point. If you have to ask if this game is good, just read that last sentence again. It’s awesome! The controls are tight, the map is filled with cool Seattle landmarks (even Sub Pop HQ) and you can fly by turning into a dang puff of smoke.

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