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Simon Pegg reveals he constantly talks to Edgar Wright about their next film

Simon Pegg and Edgar Wright

Simon Pegg and Edgar Wright’s collaborations on Spaced, Shaun Of The Dead, Hot Fuzz and The World’s End turned them into one of the most popular pairings in modern pop culture. 


These successes also brought them to the attention of Hollywood studios. Pegg has been involved in the “Mission: Impossible” series since 2006 and all three of the rebooted “Star Trek” films, while Wright has directed “Baby Driver” and “Scott Pilgrim vs. The World,” co-written “The Adventures Of Tintin,” and almost oversaw “Ant-Man,” too.


This has made it much harder for Pegg and Wright to work on a fourth film together, as they have simply had no time to collaborate. 


I recently had the chance to speak to Pegg about his work on Steven Spielberg’s “Ready Player One,” and towards the end of our conversation I asked whether he had any plans to work with Wright again in the near future. 


“I hope so. We’re not colleagues, we’re friends. We see each other all the time. And it just feels like a natural place to be. We talk about it all the time. ‘What are we going to do? When are we going to do it?’”


“It is just a question of finding time. Because we both have so many commitments. We’re just looking to find time to grab a year here. It will happen. It absolutely will happen.” 


“I spoke to him last night about it. I just got into town. And I called him because he is here. Every time we get together we are like. ‘What are we doing? When are we doing it?’” 


“As soon as the pieces fall into place we will absolutely be back in our most familiar surrounding.”


Pegg and Wright’s decision to include a Cornetto ice cream in each of their first three films led to them being labelled The Cornetto Trilogy. Pegg highlighted just how much things have changed in the intervening years by suggesting that if they were to do the same again in the future they would probably ask for “kale salad” instead. 


“That was kind of accidental. We only put Cornettos in all of them because we got free ice creams after ‘Shaun Of The Dead’ so we thought we would have to put it in the next one. Now it will probably be kale salad of something.”

While we wait for Pegg and Wright to figure out their next project together, you can see the former in action in “Ready Player One” now, which is finally in cinemas.