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Simon van Kempen tries to quit smoking

On Tuesday Alex alluded to her dissatisfaction with how patients are given priority & treated in hospitals and what’s really elective surgery.

As I write I am just back from my second visit to our family doctor in a week. Today’s visit was brought on by a strange rash on my lower back whereas last week’s was just the annual physical.

It’s probably only as I get older that I am more motivated to actually seek medical advice when needed. As men, we are notorious for being hesitant to actually take our medical ailments too seriously and thus I think the root of the issue with todays’ medical care lies squarely with men: We who are often so ambivalent about actually confronting our illnesses. And let’s face it: Most legislators are men, who make laws effecting our medical and insurance requirements.

Almost 2 years ago Alex & I joined the Brooklyn Borough President Marty Markowitz to promote his annual “Take Your Man to The Doctor” Day. (see below)

This was just three months after I had been rushed to hospital with an expected heart attack, and was the impetus for me to finally stop smoking. However after a year I started again and after a further eight-day break this January I am still smoking. If we can’t take personal responsibility for our own actions, it frankly makes it hard for us to expect that doctors, hospitals, medical insurance companies & politicians will do that for us.

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