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Simple ways to celebrate

It’s Earth Day on Wednesday, and while saving the planet is serious business, you may as well have fun while you’re at it. Globally, one billion people in 170 countries are expected to join the celebration of the planet we all live on, organizers say.

Kelly Magill, editor of Positively Green magazine, has some tips for ordinary families to join the party. She treats it like a birthday and recommends parents take their kids on a planetary adventure.

“Just get outside! Go to a park or on a hike. Take a picnic with you and spend the day investigating nature,” she says. “If you have bikes, take a family bike ride. Getting comfortable with biking when you’re young makes it easier to bike instead of drive when you’re an adult.”

If you live near a zoo or wildlife park, take your family there to instill a sense of love and respect for animals, she suggests. In a similar vein, go on a strawberry picking adventure and bring the fruit home to enjoy.

“This activity really makes our connection to the Earth clear.”

An easier option is to visit your local farmers’ market. Building this connection between the Earth and what we eat makes it easier to understand why protecting the planet is important, she explains.

Magill recently finished making a batch of soap with her family.

“Families used to make all of their own ‘beauty’ products and they knew exactly what was in them,” she explains. “You can find easy recipes on the web.”

It doesn’t take long and it also makes bath time more fun.

For a more ambitious project, start a garden in your backyard or in a container in your house.

“Let your child choose what to plant. This way, they’re more likely to eat it. Don’t get too ambitious — choose two or three things to plant,” she says. “You and your child can check on your garden throughout the spring and summer and harvest what you’ve grown together.”

A simpler idea is to set up a bird feeder.

“Spring means baby birds and feeding,” Magill says. “You’ll see all kinds of birds visiting your feeder.”

• Go to www.Earthday.ca to find local Earth Day events or visit www.Positivelygreen.com for more tips on green living.

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