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Single & Swiping: 5 profile pics you need to delete right now


When you’re on a dating app, your matches are choosing to chat with you (or not) because of your photos.When I search with my clients, I notice that if there is one single bad photo, they swipe left.

To keep your matches swiping right, here are the photos you should delete ASAP — and why.

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1. Don’t promote your pals. Nearly every profile has photos with friends uploaded, but the truth? Putting your pals in your pics means you’re not prioritizing yourself. Studies prove that solo shots are what get the best results, and at eFlirt, we agree. If you want to show off your social life, crop pictures (so it’s clear someone else was there), and choose photos with a fun environment to give the vibe you were out and about.

2. Be selective with your selfies. Speaking of your social life, posting mostly selfies tells your matches that you don’t have one. And I know that’s not true! If you have more than one or two selfies, start deleting. Keep the ones that are not only great shots of you, but also give a sense of personality or lifestyle, like a gym or beach selfie.

3. Keep your shirt on. You’ve got a great bod, and that’s awesome. But leave a little air of digital mystery, too. Delete any shirtless shots or bikini photos … but do keep full-body pics so matches can check you out. That said — a little cleavage never hurt.

4. Cool it on the filters. Adding a filter to a pic can spice it up, but it can be hard to know what you really look like in the light of day. Get rid of filtered photos and go au natural.

5. Don’t get stuck in the past. Online and offline congruence is important when dating — you want to look like you will on a date. For example, remove any photos where your hair is different, or where you’ve noticeably weighed less or more. Own the you of today because confidence is sexy.

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