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Sisterhood of the traveling dance

Donna Uchizono’s “longing two” begins on West 37th Street in cramped quarters. We hear James Lo’s recording of crashing waves and seagulls, of women chant-ing in a Scandinavian language. Back and forth go Anna Carapetyan and Savina Theodorou, sometimes upended, tumbling. Fluorescent tubes (lighting designer Joe Levasseur, up to his usual experiments) glow and darken. Uchizono and Hristoula Harakas disappear behind them.

We exit the studio, boarding buses that carry us south to the Kitchen, a huge black-box theater. During the ride, guest performers in the aisles swig water from gallon jugs. They do not offer us drinks.

At the Kitchen the air fills with the noise of a stadium crowd. Carapetyan and Theodorou dash madly through the dark, as Uchizono herself lounges quietly on the floor. In one corner stand fluorescent wickets, illuminating the space along with five huge pots of suspended light. Wendy Winters’ white, silver-trimmed costumes demarcate youth from experience. We’re back outside by 9 p.m., not quite sure what hit us.

Donna Uchizono Company

Through Saturday, 7 p.m.

Baryshnikov Arts Center

450 W. 37th St.

$20, 212-868-4444


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