Site of Bronx River Parkway crash seen deaths before - Metro US

Site of Bronx River Parkway crash seen deaths before

The stretch of highway where an entire Bronx family lost their lives yesterday is known for its treacherous road conditions, some say.

Six people were killed in a 2006 car crash that happened along the same stretch of the Bronx River Parkway where Sunday’s accident occurred. In both cases, cars hit the highway median and spun out of control, between exits 5 and 6 just south of the Bronx Zoo.

Eric Buckvar, an attorney who sued the city on behalf of some of the people killed in the 2006 crash, said traffic tends to slow down suddenly there, and he wants the city to widen that stretch of roadway — something they have failed to do.

“They considered putting a new lane, but they didn’t do it because they were considering replacing the whole viaduct,” Buckvar told the New York Daily News. “I think it would be fair to say that this is the Bermuda Triangle of the Bronx River Parkway.”

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