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Six observations about new Britney video “Til the World Ends”

Britney Spears’ new video “Til the World Ends” premiered today, which is a big deal for some people, and not as big of a deal for others. Metro watched it (we’re not going to say how many times, but it was at least twice), and here are the things we learned:

»Is this a Ke$ha song? It sounds like it should be; the bridge seems more slang-y, more in her range than in Britney’s. This is as it should be, because it turns out that Ke$ha actually wrote this song.

»Also, were these originally two songs, like with some Beatles songs? The chorus sounds like it was just grafted onto the verses.

»We’re getting a distinct “Battlestar Galactica” vibe from the effects and cinematography here. How many people would be in the middle of that particular Venn diagram?

»Brit’s costume from “Gimme More” comes back, too. Actually, do you think Britney actually wears leather and tights all the time in real life, and her music video wardrobe choices just reflect a deep laziness to change into anything else?

»The extent of Britney’s dancing in this video: waving her hair back and forth, bobbing up and down while sitting, bobbing up and down while standing up. Also, a weird middle-school-dance kind of move at 2:42.

»It would be very sad, but also kind of funny, to make a graph of the increasingly dead eyes of Ms. Spears. When exactly did the vibrant eyes of “…Baby One More Time” become the lost, soulless orbs seen in this video?

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