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Six ways to protect yourself from fraud

March is Fraud Prevention Month, a campaign organized by the Competition Bureau of Canada — with seminars taking place across the country on everything from fraudulent telemarketing to internet scams, to false charities and counterfeit money — to arm Canadians with tips and information on how to protect themselves against all types of fraud.

Here are some of the top tips:

1 When an offer sounds too good to be true, warning bells should go off in your head, because the offer probably isn’t true.

2 Whether it’s a job or investment opportunity you’re being pitched, if the offer involves sending money and time-pressure, get independent advice before agreeing to anything.

3 Always log directly on websites, rather than clicking on links you receive in emails, as those links could send you to bogus websites.

4 Never give details about your bank accounts or credit cards to anyone over the phone, by fax or by email unless you know and trust them.

5 If you’re told you’ve won a prize or the lottery, but never entered the contest or lottery, don’t agree to anything before checking with an independent source.

6 If you are ever unsure of a situation, you should contact the Competition Bureau, the RCMP, the Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre, the Better Business Bureau or the Charities Directorate of the Canada Revenue Agency.

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