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Sixers have had very good luck, historically, in NBA Draft Lottery

Sixers have had very good luck, historically, in NBA Draft Lottery
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The 76ers have won the lottery just once (not including 1986 when their first pick went to the Cleveland Cavaliers).

And in 1996, they truly cashed in– first by being awarded the first overall pick and second by winding up with one of the franchise’s best players of all time in Allen Iverson.

In that draft they were expected to pick second but movedup by virtue of a ping pong ball.

In 2016, the Sixers have the best chance at getting the first pick — at 26.9 percent — for the first time ever. And as lottery history proves, the 76ers have had pretty good relative luck when it comes to the lottery experience.

Since the lotto system was implemented, Philly has been in the running for the first pick 15 times, and only once have they dropped below their projected slot (in 2014 when they took Joel Embiid third overall).

The squad has moved up further than their projected slot seven times, jumping as many as four teamsin 2010 (when they tookEvan Turner) and three spots three other times.

When looking at how their front office chose to use the respective lottery picks, that’s where the bad luck comes into play.

Below is a brief look at how the Sixers fared in their 15 previous lottery selections (positive moves in bold, negative italicized):

2015: Projected 3rd, Actual 3rd — selected JahlilOkafor

2014: Projected 2nd, Actual 3rd — selected Joel Embiid

2013: Projected 11th, Actual 11th — selected Michael Carter-Williams

2010: Projected 6th, Actual 2nd — selected Evan Turner

2007: Projected 12th, Actual 12th — selected Thaddeus Young

2006: Projected 13th, Actual 13th– selected Thabo Sefolosha

2004: Projected 9th, Actual 9th — selected Andre Iguodala

1998: Projected 8th, Actual 8th — selected Larry Hughes

1997: Projected 5th, Actual 2nd — selected Keith Van Horn

1996: Projected 2nd, Actual 1st — selected Allen Iverson

1995: Projected 4th, Actual 3rd — selected Jerry Stackhouse

1994: Projected 6th, Actual 6th — selected Sharone Wright

1993: Projected 5th, Actual 2nd — selected Shawn Bradley

1992: Projected 9th, Actual 9th — selected Clarence Weatherspoon

1988: Projected 6th, Actual 3rd — selected Charles Daniel Smith

1986: Projected 6th, Actual 1st — pick sent to Cleveland, which selected Brad Daugherty

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