Sixth Avenue is about to become NYC’s Chick-fil-A Corridor – Metro US

Sixth Avenue is about to become NYC’s Chick-fil-A Corridor

The summer of the fried chicken sandwich is rolling right into fall, with Chick-fil-A announcing it’ll open itsfirst full-blown NYC location Oct. 3.

The new store, located at 1000 Sixth Ave. on West 37th Street, will also be Chick-fil-A’slargest locationat 5,000 square feet spread over three floors. It’ll be the first standalone store (the chain has had an NYU location for over a decade, but it’s open only to students and serving a limited menu) and will haveextended hours— though not past midnight on Saturdays, as the Christian-owned chain will remain closed on Sundays.

Crains also teased a second location already already in the works, and just a walk-and-chew away at 46th Street and Sixth Avenue:

And in case you weren’t feeling lucky enough yet, punk, the chain’s newFirst 100 programdraws that many local residents (entry is based on proof of residency by zip code) to check out the store’s advance grand opening — and get a free Chick-fil-A meal every week for a year.

Chick-fil-Aalready outsells KFCin the rest of the country, but that won’t be its competition here. But it already has one big advantage overFukuandShake Shack: fries worth eating. Their waffle fries, tender-crisp and lightly salted, are almost as coveted as the chicken sandwich (try finding an Insta of one without the other).

Until October, NBC’s “Today” foundPinterest’s best imitationof a Chick-fil-A sandwich, so you can practice for your new career in the New York City economy’s newest boom sector: fried chicken impresario.