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Skin saviour for teens

Think back to your teenage years, and try to remember how you felt about your skin.

For most people, pimples and harsh astringents come to mind. But luckily for the teens of the 21st century, Dermalogica has come up with a skin care line that is geared for teenage skin, without the harsh ingredients.

Since the mid ‘80s Dermalogica has been outfitting many of the world’s spas with skin care products free from artificial colours and fragrance.

Now Dermalogica is getting teens on board with a line of products called Clean Start; they are easy to use, non-irritating and made specifically for teen skin and the problems that come with it.

Melissa Daniels, general manager for Clean Start Canada, explains that teens really don’t have much of a choice when it comes to skin care that works.

“In teen skin care you really only have two choices,” she says. “There is really fragrant skin care or harsh products. Clean Start is about giving confidence to teens.”

The Clean Start program is made up of four products, plus a few extras. The major players in this team are the cleanser: Wash Off ($26), made with gentle exfoliating ingredients and a fresh citrus scent. The second step is the toner, All Over Clear ($23.50), to help clear away excess oil without stripping the skin. The third step is a scrub and mask in one bottle, Ready, Set, Scrub! ($27.50), which soaks up oil and gently scrubs away excess oil and skin cells. The last step is to leave the skin hydrated and protected from the sun with Welcome Matte SPF 15 ($31.50), which helps absorb excess oil.

If you need a little extra help in problem areas, Clean Start offers a few helpful products. Bedtime for Breakouts ($29), is an overnight clearing gel to keep skin bacteria-free and prevent breakouts. If you already have a pimple, try Hit the Spot ($29), a gentle spot treatment that helps take away the itch and redness from an inflamed pimple.

The line is aimed at kids as young as eight, to start them off on a healthy skin care program that will help them through their teens and into their 20s.

To try the products without making a commitment, you can buy the Clean Start Kit ($45), which includes a month’s worth of cleanser, toner, scrub, clearing gel and lotion with SPF.

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