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Skip spring cleaning for spring reinvention

It’s usually in the spring that I look around my house and consider replacing a worn piece of furniture or some of the outdated accessories that I’ve been hanging onto.

A yard sale is a great place to sell-off unwanted items and there are certainly enough curb-browers that will gladly take my outdated decor items, but this spring I am going to challenge myself to an idea that is not only inexpensive but eco-friendl, too. Instead, I am going to make over a few of my least favorite items. I figure with a small investment and a bit of elbow grease, I can give my old wingback chairs, dresser and worn carpet a whole new look. Here’s how I will start:

If something looks outdated, then it usually needs a colour change. The old wingback chairs I’ve dragging around each time I move are looking rather boring in mocha cotton twill fabric and it’s time for an update. On its last leg of life, I am going to let the chairs be the centre of attention by slipcovering them in a fun, loud fabric. They will be the greeters by the front door, a place to sit while waiting for a taxi to arrive or most likely, a place to throw my coat, gloves and tote bag. Tip: Look for punchy, affordable fabrics at dress supply retailers like Fabricland. They sell much more than just lightweight dress fabrics and might even be able recommend someone to slipcover your furniture at an affordable price.

The dark wood dresser I have dragged around since childhood has just about seen it all over many years. Instead of selling my old companion off in the yard sale, I’ll paint the outer shell with a low-lustre oil paint (for durability) and wallpaper the drawer fronts to add some personality. Because of its smaller size, I’m going to use my newly decorated friend in the hallway, it’ll now hold the overflowing bath supplies from the linen cupboard. Tip: Choose the wallpaper first, then match it to a co-ordinating paint colour. This will allow you to have a custom look that is perfectly matched.

I bought a worn Kilim rug for next to nothing many years ago and its tired look is starting to getting me down, so it’s time for a fresher looking carpet in the den. I’m taking my old friend to the carpet cleaners and once he’s been scrubbed down, I’m having him cut up and blocked into floor cushions to stack in the corner of my bedroom. A great way to reinvent an old friend and not have to say goodbye. Tip: Talk to your local rug cleaners about sewing the rugs into poufs as a heavy-gauge needled sewing machine will be needed.. If they can’t do it, then call up a local upholstery schools (check the community night school programs). That way, you can either take the classes a night and do it there or hire someone from the school that has basic sewing experience.

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