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Skip the state fair, you can now get (almost) deep-fried Oreos at Walmart

deep fried oreos walmart

The state fair was fun when you were a kid. The rides seemed bigger and you never noticed how rickedy they were. You didn’t mind the line and you never noticed how overpriced the deep fried oreos were — because, well of course, mom and dad were generally paying. But now you’re an adult and while you still have a soft spot for those sweets, you don’t have the patience for all the people and the lines. Luckily, now you don’t need to thanks to Oreo State Fair Cookies, now sold at Walmart.

They’re not called deep fried Oreos, since they’re technically not made-to-order with hot oil when you order them, but the company clearly had them in mind when they launched their Oreo State Fair Cookies.

So what’s an Oreo State Fair Cookie?

No, it’s not just another new flavor the cookie company is rolling out. This new treat looks to replicate, the best it can from a box, those deep fried Oreos you loved at the state fair. (They’re clearly not deep fried Oreos, but the coating pretty clearly tried to replicate the traditional state fair treat.) The inside is a typical Oreo, delicious and classic, but it’s coated in a crunchy exterior. You can choose between two flavors, Vanilla and Chocolate, though both have the classic version of the cookie on the inside.

deep fried oreos oreo state fair cookies

You’ll find them in the frozen section, but this isn’t an ice cream sandwich. You’ll simply pop them on a plate and either zap them in the microwave or let them get all hot and gooey in the oven for a few minutes. Then get ready to relive all those delicious childhood memories.

Where can I get these replicas of deep fried Oreos?

Although they’re not yet available for order or in-store pickup, both the Vanilla and the Chocolate are listed on the Walmart website, which means they’re coming soon. Multiple instagram accounts tracking junk or snack foods have posted about them, so fingers crossed they’re coming to a store near you before the weather heats up.

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