Skylarking: 'This dude is like a subway rat' (VIDEO) - Metro US

Skylarking: ‘This dude is like a subway rat’ (VIDEO)

You know those signs inside subways that show a guy clinging to the outside doors with the message, “Ride inside, get there alive”? Have you ever looked at it and thought, “Who actually does that?!” And most of all — why?

Enter: this guy.

Some straphangers got quite the show when a man decided to skylark on the J train, even while wearing an iPod. As he rides along with ease, we get the feeling this guy has done this before.

Then the train comes to a stop. We have the sneaking suspicion that it’s because the conductor probably noticed the subway stowaway.

The man then jumps down from the train and disappears into some sort of tunnel within the tunnel. You hear one subway rider proclaim, “This dude is like a subway rat!”

Yes, a very nimble subway rat who apparently isn’t aware that skylarking is beyond idiotic, not to mention illegal.

Note: Metro does not condone skylarking, in case you couldn’t tell.

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