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‘Sleepy Hollow’ recap: Episode 2, ‘Blood Moon’

A powerful cast helps bring this spooky fun new series to life. A powerful cast helps bring this spooky fun new series to life.

Lt. Abbie Mills and Ichabod Crane are now the defenders of Sleepy Hollow — which is great because this town is about to get slammed with a new baddie every week. In the opening dream sequence, Katrina (Crane’s witch wife) reminds us that Abbie and Crane gotta catch and defeat ‘em all in order to prevent the four horsemen of the apocalypse starting their evil ride. So when the demon who killed Deputy Andy Brooks resurrects him and instructs his freshly dead minion to summon the high priestess Serilda of Abaddon to do battle in Sleepy Hollow, the game is afoot.

A few important items in this week’s episode:

  • Brooks, brought back from the dead, does a morgue dance that rivals the awkward dancing child who asks Kristen Wigg, “Wuna watch me dance?” in”‘Bridesmaids.”

  • Abbie has an ex-cop boyfriend who is predatorily jealous of Crane moving in on his old flame. But hold up, how is this partner dynamic supposed to work without romantic chemistry? Crane is having dreams about his wife every 30 seconds, and now Abbie has an ex that she works with? C’mon! Platonic partners? I’m only vaguely interested in a man with a British accent if he has no romantic tendencies.

  • The C-Word gets thrown around a little too much for everyone to take each other seriously. Crazy! The C-word is “crazy.”

  • I have a soft spot for the moments where they get the cute Brit to say silly things. This episode, it went something like this:

Abbie: Have a doughnut hole.
Crane: But I don’t want a doughnut hole.

Crane: Mmm, these are good.

Back to the episode, Serilda gets about halfway completed with her own self-resurrection spell when she’s foiled by Crane and Abbie and burnt to a crisp (again, and for good).

Brooks is still lurking about, presumably to bring in the monster for next week, and Abbie and Crane have a new secret lair in the old American Revolutionary armory where, lo and behold, all the secrets and police files of the last 250 years are stored!

Oh and by the way, Crane has a photographic memory. So we really have a crack team here.

Overall, I give this week’s episode above-average marks for campy witchcraft fun.

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