We all use some “masks” in our daily lives to adapt to situations. Belgian artist Dries Depoorter himself questioned what are the most different social networks and he made ‘Tinder In’ in which he compares the profiles of the same persons in Tinder and Linkedin to showcase the differences in appearance.

What led you to compare the profile pictures of LinkedIn & Tinder?

I ask the question to myself: what are the two platforms that are the most opposite of each other? I find out that it was LinkedIn and Tinder. I can show this difference the best way by showing the person two profile pictures of the two platforms. Actually, I’m doing also exactly the same. So I put myself also in the series. I show a professional side on LinkedIn and a whole other side on Tinder.

What did you find after doing that comparison?


Most of the time they are completely different. Everyone is doing the same. Also myself! The medium is showing how to use it in a way.

How was the process in creating these series?

I start doing it with my ownTinder. So I had only girls. I want to make a series of 5 girls and 5 men. So I asked female friends to do the same.

Did you had problems with people who appear in your series because of their privacy?

Yes. A person emailed me to remove the profile picture from my website and the upcoming exhibitions. I didit immediately.

What message do you want to spread with this series?

I’m exploring the impact of digital/social media revolution on the projection of identity.

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