New York-based photographer Chris Buck, known for his celebrity portraits, now decided to be the star of his own photos – but with the help of a 3D miniature version of Himself. In his ‘Likeness’ series, created on his Instagram account @the_chris_buck, Buck shows his 3D mini version, which accompanies him everywhere, in everyday yet hilarious situations.

How did you come up with the idea of create a 3D miniature version of yourself?

I saw the Doob pop-up in NY’s Chelsea Market and couldn’t resist. The combination of the crazy futurism aspect of it and full-on narcissism made it irresistible. At the time I had no specific plans for this figurine, I just felt compelled to do it.

What was the process in creating this 3D version of yourself?


The staff takes you into a round white booth, with dozens of DSLR cameras focused on you, mathematically set to photograph all angles at once. After you position yourself and look at the appointed spot, count tothree. “One, two, three...” and flash! The 3D photo is taken.

What inspired you to create each situation for the photographs of your miniature version?

I carry the figurine in the box that he originally came in. When I see an interesting shot I pull him out of the box and quickly shoot with my iPhone. I’m usually in a hurry, or I’m shooting somewhere I probably shouldn’t be, so I work quickly. Many of the scenarios play withthe scale of a location or other objects in a location; either an amusingly good fit, or a wonderfully bad one.

What has been the reaction of people when you take your photographs in public?

The 3D printing of something so alive and organic as a person is so new that people really flip out when they see me out with it.

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#likeness #bucklikeness #3dprinting

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