Instagram has a new adorable sensation from the animal kingdom — an incredibly cute Shar Pei dog named Paddington. The little pooch loves dressing up in different clothes and being photographed by his 30-year-old owner Annie Jacob, who lives in Tasmania off the southern coast of Australia with three cats too.

What is the story behind Paddington?

Paddington is my best friend — we have done everything together and we have’t spent a night apart in his five years.

How did you get the idea to photograph Paddington dressed in different attire?


My dad very kindly gave me his retired camera and I started to teach myself how to take photographs.Naturally, Paddington was my main subject.

How do you decide what costume will Paddington wear for the next photographic shoot?

I’m a day dreamer, there is always something stored away up there for next time.

So, does Paddington actually enjoy the photo shoots or is it torture for him?

Oh yes, he enjoys it immensely. He knows he’llget a treat or two and gets rather excited when his eyes catch sight of the camera when I take it out.

Paddington has gained a lot of followers on social media. Are you at all surprised by this?

It’s amazing that my wonderful little man can bring smiles to many faces. It still doesn’t seem real that he’s known by so many people around the world.

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