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PHOTOS: Morph Costumes let you lounge in your birthday suit

You can show up to work naked (not really).

If you’re yearning to wear your birthday suit, but may not want the hassle of actually being naked, then here is the perfect costume for you.

Edinburgh based company Morph Costumes have created an all-in-one realistic spandex “Morphsuit”

The suits start at around $63 and feature photo-realistic faces and body contours. And in case you’re wondering (we know you are), the “private area” on the suits is censored out with subtle digitizing.

You can choose from a hunky guy, a naked hillbilly with tan lines, tattoos, and crooked teeth, and you can also become a tattooed black man.


George Lawson, Co-founder of MorphCostumes comments: “We're dedicated to creating not only the best quality, but also the most creative and impactful costumes on the market. We want everyone who wears a Morphsuit to feel like the life and soul of the party, and what better way to make yourself the center of attention than being in the buff, without actually taking your clothes off?"

To test out the costume’s shock factor, YouTube prankster Trey Prankz hit the streets in the spandex buff to see how people would react.

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