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Slipknot has some words for those metal purists


We talked with Shawn Crahan (Clown), percussionist and founder of the American Nu Metal band.

What is a normal day for Clown?

I’m thinking about doing things for the band all day. This is what I came to do in this world. I don’t feel like it’s work. I’m Clown every day.

Slipknot shows are intense — what’s your typicalpreparation?

Everything is very physical. You know you’ll get hurt, but it does not matter (laughs). Overall, I go to the gym, try to eat well, we coordinate everything with the stage technicians but in the end, we can only take a deep breath and go into the ring to see what happens.

Despite the years, more and more young people are following you…

Music is the great tailpipe for society. There is a lot of bitterness and frustration among young people and it is not surprising that they use our music to vent.

Many metal purists argue that you are only popular because of your visual proposal…

That’s crap. What they can’t take is that a metal band can sweat art. Not only do we make good music with good melodies and good lyrics, but also visual art, masks and great engineering on stage. We’re like a f—g Rolls Royce! We have it all as a band.

What do you think is the key to your long lasting success?

Going for our dreams. Everyday there are idiots who tell us we can not do something, but you have to be persistent. You have to work, sacrifice things, suffer … all that means going after a dream.

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