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Slugging it out, in secret

The first rule of model fight club is … don’t tell the cops.

The fights, known unofficially as “Friday Night Throwdown,” are held every few months in bare warehouses and feature bouts between male models and regular Joes.

“I just wanted to see pretty boys pounding the s— out of each other,” one of the event’s organizers told Metro.

The fights can last from five minutes to 40 and are called when the referee feels it’s over. Boxers usually use regulation mouth guards and gloves and fight for nothing more than bragging rights.

After one bloody bout, “I felt like a rock star, like a million bucks,” said Julian, 20, a fighter from Brooklyn who waits tables.

Guests hear about the event via word of mouth. Insiders receive an e-mail the day of the fight detailing the latest address, a cell phone contact and instructions not to “walk around the neighborhood asking for the boxing match.”

Dozens of fashionistas, designers, hipsters and artists frequent the fights, eager to experience something real and raw. “New York is such a police state — it’s rare that anything happens off the grid,” said NYC-based fine artist iO Tillet Wright, 25. “The adrenaline is contagious.”

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