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Smash Mouth enters the EDM game because the end is nigh

Earl Gibson III/WireImage

If you thoughtTwitter criticism vigilantes Smash Mouth were only ever going to be known for 1999’s “Walkin’ on the Sun” and song from “Shrek,” you can rest assured: they’re back again. And this time, they’re trying EDM!

On Wednesday, the band dropped “Love is a Soldier,” a new electronic dance track which is inexplicably “versus” Specter, a producer no one seems to have heard of before. The single, whose album art looks like a page right out of Ryan Murphy’s miniseries playbook, features slightly more suggestive lyrics than, “Your brain gets smart but your head gets dumb.”Bread-hating lead singer Steve Harwellsings such lyrics as, “Sex is a gun/You’re ammunition/The battle’s on/Submission demolition/Cuz love is a soldier.”Right.

Obviously by now you’ve already declared this your official summer jam of 2016, so below is a handy video with all the lyrics so you can memorize them by heart and scream to the frosted tips of your Guy Fieri do ‘cuz “we’re counting down, da down, da down, yeah it’s on tonight.” It certainly is.

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