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Smug BC Ferries CEO makes good case for a causeway

Does it ever seem that sometimes “they” go out of their way to make us crazy?

What other explanation can there be for the ridiculous salaries at BC Ferries? CEO David Hahn makes almost one million bucks a year, and when challenged, issues the following brain-exploding explanation: “I think people have to decide if they want the old, dilapidated ferry system or if they want what they have today.”

No, Dave, that’s not the choice. We want a good, reliable ferry service without getting held for ransom by its CEO and employees, four who make more than $400,000 a year, four dozen more who make $137,000 to $200,000, and 1,000 who make more than $75,000!

It’s a wonder the boats don’t sink with all those BC Ferries employees riding back and forth — for free — with their pockets stuffed with taxpayer gold.

Clearly, when the alternative is to swim across the Strait of Georgia, Hahn and company have us over a life preserver and can get away with waterway robbery, but does he have to be so smug and sanctimonious about it?

I bet Hahn and his nest-feathering friends have never experienced a three-sailing wait, have never been forced to take a slow boat to the Gulf Islands because the more direct route is always fully booked, have never had the gate slammed in their faces before the last sailing of the night, even though the boat is still loading.

For that we pay this guy a million bucks a year? I’m still trying to figure out how he earns $233,000 in bonuses. Bonus for what? For making sure there’s inevitably a mechanical failure on a long weekend? For figuring out we will all pay an extortion charge to make sure we can get on the stupid boat? (It’s called a reservation.)

Do I sound bitter? It’s that sense of entitlement that really frosts my socks. Every day, thousands of people put up with this nonsense because they have no other choice. And we’re supposed to be grateful?

In places like Scandinavia and Florida, they build causeways. Even Prince Edward Island has the Confederation Bridge. Do you know how many people live in P.E.I.? Exactly 141,551. Why do they have their own causeway, and the three million plus people who live in the Lower Mainland and Vancouver Island have to put up with Hahn’s farcical ferry?

I know all the arguments against a causeway. But there’s one in favour that trumps them all: Hahn would have to find a new job.

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