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‘SNL’ parodies final debate between bad hombre and nasty woman

Screenshot / "Saturday Night Live"

Donald Trump wasted notime bashing “Saturday Night Live” last week, calling for an end to the long-time sketch comedy show. In response, NBC’s showcase wasted no time skewering the Republican presidential nominee in last night’s episode, taking shots at his final debate moments.

With Alec Baldwin reprising his role as Trump, Kate McKinnon as Hillary Clinton and Tom Hanks playing moderator Chris Wallace, “SNL’s” cold-open mocked Trump’s inflammatory statements and foreign policy plans.

The show starts off with Trump guaranteeing Wallace he’ll be calm, but it didn’t last long before he launched into an attack on the Mexican president, calling him “Mr. Guacamole,” his wife “Mrs. Taquito” and their kids “Chips and Salsa.”

Debate favorites “bad hombre” and “nasty woman” also made an appearance on the sketch, and McKinnon’s Clinton jumped on the bandwagon, promoting “nasty woman” merchandise for sale on her website.

The skit also brought up Trump’s complaint about media rigging the election. Wallace probes for details to how the media could be showing favoritism to Clinton, to which Trump responds, “by taking all of the things I say and all of the things I do and putting them on TV.”

Clinton didn’t stay out of “SNL’s” line of fire, coming under scrutiny for dodging questions over her email and seemingly bragging about her 30 years of public service.

Trump hasn’t responded to last night’s round of attacks from NBC, but perhaps he’ll strike back if he actually starts a Trump TV network.

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