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Snow or Go: How to keep your weekend plans, blizzard or not

Joan Marcus

Winter may be late, but it’s arriving just in time to ruin your weekend. Or will Snowstorm Jonas be just a snow job? Until Saturday morning, we’re all Schroedinger’s New Yorkers, but whatever happens there’s no reason to change your plans.

Snow:Time to emote like your career depends on it. The shower makes an excellent rehearsal space, and there’s every chance your neighbors fled town to spend the weekend either taking advantage of the snow or running as far away from it as their air miles allow.

Go: BroadwayCon, the first-ever convention for theater nerds continues through this weekend at the Times Square Hilton, and tickets are still available. Catch panels with the stars of some of the biggest shows past and present, get in a photobooth with Jonathan Groff and, yes, belt those showtunes with a roomful of new friends.

Snow: Get ahead on your spring cleaning by getting on Pinterest and not leaving until you’ve finally found that perfect configuration for hanging your framed photos.

Go: Brooklyn Flea isn’t taking the season off,moving into the already crafty Industry City for two floors of locally made and vintage goods. Or get to the Outsider Art Fair for works created by marginalized artists or the Winter Antiques Show for rare treasures.

Snow: Stocking up on canned goods is so 2010. Stringing together a weekend-long chain of Seamless orders proved a viable way to survive during last year’s actual winter, so tip your bicyclists well and bid adieu to the outside world until Monday forces you to deal with it again.

Go:There’s no trendier way to sate your sweet tooth right now than one of Black Tap’s OTT milkshakes. It would be a shame to miss the city’s first-ever Donut Fest on Saturday. Or discover a whole new universe of ways to enjoy pork on Sunday at Cochon555, where five chefs will prepare more than 30 dishes using every part of the pig.

Snow: In case you like Mounties, westerns, mining towns run by women and more pining than there are evergreens in Canada, the second season of When Calls the Heart just dropped on Netflix. Or catch up on Jessica Jones, that’s good too.

Go: Tonight at Videology, Live Dubbed Sitcoms comics will vastly improve (and discover new, dark depths) of episodes of Mad About You and Mulaney.

Snow: E-books mean never having to get another papercut.

Go: Parents are supposed to love their children, right? Maybe that’s a new thing, because Grimm’s Fairy Tales often tend toward horror more than fantasy. Tonight and Saturday at 7 p.m. at The Creek and the Cave in Long Island City, comedian Dan Wilbur will tell you the non-Disneyfied version of a story, then dispel the nightmares with a funny lecture on the history behind it.

Snow: The wildly popular podcast about an idyllic desert town where the librarians are fearsome and clouds glow is a great way to hunker down and spend a lazy afternoon with a mug of something warm in your hands and watching the snow come down.

Go: Before they jet off to New Zealand, the Welcome to Night Vale cast is doing a weekend stint at El Museo del Barrio, and tickets are still available for the 3 p.m. show on Sunday.

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