Snowstorm warning and travel advisory issued for NYC

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Heavy snow is expected to begin falling on New York City at midnight on Thursday, leading the National Weather Service to issue a Winter Storm Warning through 6 p.m.

Meteorologists are predicting 6 to 12 inches of snow before it’s all over.

The city Emergency Management Department also advised New Yorkers on Wednesday to prepare.

“Although the weather is warm today, winter will return quickly on Thursday with dangerous conditions for the morning commute,” said Commissioner Joseph Esposito. “New Yorkers should be prepared for snowfall and slippery roads and plan to take mass transit where possible.”

In coastal area, the precipitation is forecast to begin as rain or a mix of rain and snow which will turn to snow on Thursday morning, making for a hazardous commute, according to the Emergency Management Department.

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Despite Wednesday’s unseasonably spring-like feel, temperatures are expected to drop at night, with lows around freezing and windchill values between 25 and 30 degrees.

The thermometer will continue to fall into Thursday with highs around 32 degrees and windchill values dropping it into the teens. The mercury will dip into the teens Thursday night, with wind gusts making it feel in the single digits. Temperatures climb back up to around 32 on Friday.

A Code Blue Weather Emergency notice will be issued by New York City when the temperature drops to 32 degrees or below between 4 p.m. and 8 a.m., including National Weather Service calculations for windchill values.

No one who is homeless and seeking shelter during a Code Blue will be denied. If you see a homeless person outside in the cold during a Code Blue or you are in need of shelter, the city urges you to call 311.

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