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So about all that Jon Snow speculation…

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Remember last year when everyone was freaking out about the fate of Jon Snow on “Game of Thrones” and there were all those reports about Kit Harington keeping the same hairstyle and showing up on set, but then Harington and the show’s producers kept insisting that no, the character is really dead? And then remember this week when they brought him back to life?

Oh sorry, spoiler warning.

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Well, here’s the thing: Harington is really, really sorry about lying to all of us. “I’d like to say sorry for lying to everyone,” he tells Entertainment Weekly. “I’m glad that people were upset that he died. I think my biggest fear was that people were not going to care, or it was just going to be, ‘Fine, Jon Snow’s dead,’ but it seemed like people did have a — similar to the Red Wedding episode — a kind of grief about it, which meant that something I’m doing, or that the show is doing for Jon is right.”

Yes, but being so misleading about everything maybe wasn’t so right, sir. Still, glad to have you back.

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