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So you’re nervous about delivery: Now what?

If you’re due to give birth soon, your brain is probably trying to balance a sense of inner calm with those freak-out moments you can’t help but have. Squelch your fears about welcoming your new arrival with these tips from Dr. Allison Hill, author of “The Mommy Docs’ Ultimate Guide to Pregnancy and Childbirth.”

Tell your doctor what you are nervous about

“You may have heard a story or rumor from a friend that left you scared of childbirth,” notes Dr. Hill. “By discussing it with your doctor, you may find that the story is just a myth.”

Have a birth plan

But be flexible. “You should think about what your ideal birth looks like and communicate that to your doctor,” says Dr. Hill about this all-important game plan. “But always know that your birth may take a different route — and the new plan may be equally amazing.”

Consider hiring a doula

“She may be a certified birth assistant or simply a close friend,” says Dr. Hill. “Your doula will help you stay relaxed and feel supported during your magical event.”

Get advice from other new moms and trusted friends

“Someone who has recently gone through the experience will have lots of helpful hints for what to bring to the hospital, how to know you are in labor or how to prepare the baby’s new home,” says Dr. Hill.

Keep the communication open with your partner

Although all eyes will be on you, “remember he may be even more nervous than you are,” she says. “The two of you are a team, but he may not know what you need unless you tell him.”

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