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Social media is using #NoBraDay differently than intended


Oct. 13, No Bra Day (#NoBraDay), is a day that is supposed to raise awareness about breast cancer.

To participate in this social media campaign you’re challenged to go 24 hours without wearing a bra. The idea is to honor and appreciate your breasts — regardless of size — and to also bring attention to a disease that affects one out of eight women in the United States.

It’s not an official day that has support from major charity organizations, but it’s a day created on social media for people who want to acknowledge breast cancer. Like many online campaigns, people have their own interpretation of what the day is about.

Here’s what’s floating around Twitter.

No Bra Day is really supposed to raise awareness about this…

But it has turned to this

Way to go, Internet.

For those who are interested in really supporting breast cancer research and increasing awareness about a disease that affects thousands of women, here are some helpful links to start with.




To find out how to donate:


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