Solving holiday gift dilemmas

Today, Part Two of “Prepping for the Holidays:” Answers to all your gift-giving questions.

Dear Anne: I’m having trouble finding a gift for my boyfriend. Any suggestions?
When shopping for a good gift for a man, it’s important to keep in mind one thing: There are no good gifts for men. Women are easy. Just look at what we buy ourselves and then buy us more of it. Unfortunately, no one needs a dozen tire air gauges or 16 interchangeable-head screwdrivers. But, there is a solution. Break up with him on Dec. 20.

I didn’t say it was a good solution.

Dear Anne: I’m finding the idea of giving gifts outdated. Do we really need more stuff? Is it OK to tell my relatives that I’m not giving gifts this year?
Absolutely. Taking a stand for “love not loot” says you honour the true spirit of Christmas. So, if this feels right, do it.

Unless, of course, you’re related to me. Then you need to buy stuff.

Dear Anne: I like to make my own gifts, but I’m sensing that my friends have lost their enthusiasm for tea cosies fashioned from old socks and twist-tie jewelry. What can I make that they might find more useful?
Here’s a gift some­one really should make: The “Lie To Me” meter. This handy meter is designed to detect fibs at 50 paces, letting off a siren that tells the perpetrator,“You’re busted, baby.” Perfect for households with teenagers or when discussing deadlines with your home renovations contractor. Warning: To avoid overloading circuits, device must be turned off during political campaigns and first dates.

Dear Anne: What’s the most important thing to remember when choosing a gift?
Keep in mind, “Who should I be trying to please?” Yourself. You have no idea what someone else thinks. Buy what you love for who you love and you’re guaranteed happiness. Even if it’s just your own.

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