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Some cans and cannots of 2011

Consider it progress made or not, but state leaders, legislators and voters wanted some things changed for 2011 and they got their way.

Here are some of the things you can and can’t do in 2011 that you couldn’t or could do last year.

Have a drink on the cheap:
Voters chose to repeal the state’s tax on liquor sales by retailers. You can now buy a six-pack without paying the additional 6.25 percent. Liquor retailers pushed hard for the repeal and claimed their business was being hurt and people couldn’t afford to spend any more money during tough economic times. Some operators said they have already seen improvement in their sales.

“Things are good. We’re happy. We’ll have individual customers come in now who just waited out that extra week [in December],” said James Katz, owner and operator of Brookline Liquor Mart in Allston.

Fluffy gets to make it rain:
Pet owners worried that their furry loved ones may not see a dime of the money they bequeath them can now die in peace. The law establishes a trust for pets that will now be enforced by the courts. Previously, persons designated as a caretaker in a will could spend the money on things other than Fluffy or Fido. The bill was passed by the legislature last year was signed by Gov. Deval Patrick last week.

Please have your ID ready for your drugs:
New regulations require persons picking up prescriptions for certain drugs to show a government-issued identification. ID was already required for drugs like Oxycontin, but it’s also now required for obtaining drugs including Valium, Vicodin, Xanax and even Robitussin with codeine. The move is meant to help bolster the state’s Prescription Monitoring Program database and cut down on people “doctor shopping” for their fix.