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Someone’s getting pretty serious about this whole Kanye West for president thing

Kanye for president signs emerge that read, Keep "America Great."
Keep America Great signs emerge in cities across the country to promote the artist's recent tweet that suggests he is running for president in 2024. Credit: Getty Images.

Kanye West for president? At least that’s what a recent tweet made by the hip-hop star has many of his fans and followers believing.

Kanye West has been very active lately on Twitter, often times giving himself high praises to his contributions to hip-hop, fashion and culture and teasing his fans about when he and other artists are releasing new music.

In between the Kanye tweets about life, new projects he’s working on and other random musings, he tweeted something Tuesday night that suggests he has a penchant for becoming the leader of the free world.

Kanye West simply tweeted “2024” and his fans quickly took that as he has plans to run for president of the United States. 

Kanye West for president tweet

Kanye West for President 2024: Keep America Great

Coincidently, “Keep America Great” posters have been spotted in several cities including Los Angeles, New York City, and Chicago. The posters show his face with the slogan “Keep America Great” and the hashtag #KANYE2024” The posters appear to promote Kanye West’s run for president in 2024.

The Kanye posters appear to be created by anonymous street artists who are not connected to Kanye West.

According to far-right, pro-Trump website, The Gateway Pundit, the artists involved with placing the Kanye West for president signs in different cities released a statement about West.  

“Kanye West tore a hole in the fabric of reality this weekend by recognizing the wisdom of YouTuber Candace Owens in the most publicly unfiltered way possible, via Twitter,” the artists wrote in a statement to the far-right website.

“Donald Trump has proved to all Americans that clarity of vision and the ability to persuade are much stronger assets for a President than political experience. Kanye appears to get this more than anyone else out there. Candace Owens is fighting for individual sovereignty, self-responsibility and being recognized by Kanye is a watershed moment for this country.”

“We don’t know if Kanye wants to be President, Trump has proved that it creates a huge amount of enemies, but recognizing universal cultural truths is something that cultural icons are better at than politicians, it’s how they build success.”

Kanye for president tweet

While this all could be about a bunch of guerilla artists who love Kanye West and are seeking to capitalize on Kanye West’s recent Tweets, the idea of Kanye West running for president of the United States isn’t anything new.

During the 2015 MTV Video Music Awards, the rapper and designer took to the stage and announced his plans to run for president in 2020. 

Kanye West for president: VMAs 2015

While it is uncertain if there ever will be a real Kanye West for president campaign, the hip-hop artist, producer and clothing designer sure knows how to sway the attention in his direction on Twitter, which is something President Trump seems to be very skilled at. 

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