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Somerville: A city with great Taste

Foundry on Elm is one of the returning vendors for this year's Taste of Somerville. Credit: Derek Kouyoumjian Foundry on Elm is one of the returning vendors for this year’s Taste of Somerville.
Credit: Derek Kouyoumjian

There’s been a wealth of restaurants opening all over Somerville in the past couple years, joining what’s always been an impressive and diverse array of options. On June 11, some old favorites, and some anticipated newcomers, will take over Davis Square to show off their goods for the 16th Taste of Somerville.

After last year’s event at the Holiday Inn, organizer David Flanagan of the Somerville Chamber of Commerce Dining and Nightlife Group said a move to a bigger space was necessary in order to accommodate the number of restaurants involved. Over 40 will participate, and they expect 800 guests, twice as many as last year. Going outside opens up more options for what the restaurants can offer as well, he says. “Being outdoors means we can utilize grills and rotisseries, which brings a whole different element to it. It’s going to be on par with the Taste of Cambridge.”

Among the restaurants participating are Somerville favorites like Highland Kitchen, Daddy Jones, Five Horses Tavern, The Independent, and Pescatore. Flanagan is enthused about some of the newer offerings as well. “It’s $40, it’s a steal. I’ve got Bergamot and Kirkland Tap and Trotter, higher end restaurants like that.” It’s also a chance to try out a few restaurants before they’re open. “Brass Union, that’s not open yet, it’s going in the old Precinct space, it’s going to be a different cool spot,” he says. “We’re featuring six restaurants from the new Assembly Row, Legal C Bar, Tony C’s, Fuji Sushi, River Bar, and J.P Licks.”

In order to help guests get a better sense of the city’s restaurant geography, the event will be organized by neighborhood. “The layout is like a map of Somerville,” he says. “It starts at Assembly Row, then you’ve got the Broadway restaurants, Davis Square, Union Square. Everyone will know, ‘Ok, I’m in Davis Square now.’”

Along with the food, local beverage companies will also be on hand including Bantam Cider, Somerville Brewing Company, and Aeronaut Brewing. Proceeds of the event will go to The Somerville Home, an elderly assisted living facility.

“The Taste of Somerville is such a great way to familiarize yourself with all the amazing restaurants in our community,” Alex Jenkins, chef of Foundry on Elm says. “Everyone is putting their best foot forward. This area has such a richness that is different from other parts of New England, and I think that will really come across during this event.”

The Taste of Somerville
Wednesday June 11, 5:30-7:30 p.m.
50 Holland St., Somerville

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