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Something new out of something old at craft sale

Five years ago, Toronto resident Melody Cebula decided to combine her two loves — design and the environment.

She started a company, Precocious Environmental Couture Inc., which created new fashions out of recycled fabric.

“I like being able to recycle fabric instead of creating more,” said Cebula, 27. She sources the recycled fabric — usually in the form of T-shirts, sweaters and sweatshirts — from vintage stores and secondhand clothing shops, then mixes and matches pieces to create new wearables.

“I think people are very happy to see one-of-a-kind recycled things,” said Cebula. “And they love that it’s green.”

Cebula’s booth at the Originals Spring Craft Sale at Lansdowne Park Thursday was one of dozens of eco-friendly booths that have become popular lately.

Although recycled items seem to be popping up everywhere as more people jump on the Earth-friendly bandwagon, the recycled goods movement isn’t new to the artisan community, said Originals show manager Nancy Law.

“Where we’re seeing the increase is with the general population,” she said.

As customers‚ awareness of the environment increases, they’re looking for recycled and eco-friendly goods, she said.

Other environmentally friendly goods featured at the show include recycled greeting cards, ceramic mugs (which replace takeout cups), birdhouses made from barn board and organic foods and beauty products.

The four-day show, which features 172 exhibitors from as far as Newfoundland and Victoria, is expected to attract more than 10,000 people through Sunday.