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Soup for Boston?!

A social media push is in the works to ladle the city with some of the infamous Soup Nazi’s good stuff.

The Soup for Boston Facebook page is asking Boston’s soup and Seinfeld fans to help convince the sitcom Soup Nazi to stop by Boston next month.

The page said it was created on June 8, and as of noon, has 79 “likes.”

The “mission” of the page reads: “For years he’s denied us soup. Now is time we fight back. ‘Like’ this cause and help bring the Soup Nazi to Boston!”

The Seinfeld Food Truck, manned by Seinfeld’s own “Soup Nazi,” played by actor Larry Thomas, will hit up one lucky U.S. city in July to hand out free iconic Seinfeld food samples like Junior Mints, Mulligatawny soup, non-fat yogurt and black and white cookies.

The treats will hit a note with fans familiar with the hit sitcom’s food-related episodes.

No word yet on whether Thomas will dish out marble rye.

He will, however, give away Seinfeld souvenirs and pose for photographs with fans.

Check it out at: http://www.facebook.com/SoupForBoston.

The campaign also has a Twitter handle, @SoupForBoston, with a hashtag #soupforboston.

Those unfamiliar with the legacy of the Soup Nazi should take a peek at this video: