Source: Giants receiving calls for No. 2 NFL Draft pick – Metro US

Source: Giants receiving calls for No. 2 NFL Draft pick

Source: Giants receiving calls for No. 2 NFL Draft pick

With the second pick in the NFL Draft, the New York Giants select…a trade? It sure seems like it might work out that way.


The Giants are sitting at No. 2, thanks to a 3-13 record last year as the team set a franchise mark for the most losses in a single season. As a team that mustered just three wins might suggest, the Giants need a fair amount of help. Not a drastic rebuild, but certainly they need depth as well as more high-end pieces.


And at least one league source tells Metro that the Giants could be entertaining some major offers for teams to move up in the draft. Especially, this league source said, if the draft falls a certain way.


“The Giants have received calls from several teams, that’s a fact. It happens every year. Some teams, it is due diligence, some teams are genuinely looking to move up,” the source told Metro. The source is familiar with the draft board situation and relevant conversations with several teams throughout the league.


“If – and this is a big if – but if Cleveland takes Josh Allen No. 1, then I know at least two teams that would move a lot to get that second pick from [the Giants] and jump ahead of the Jets [at No. 3]. Buffalo is one of those teams that, if Sam Darnold is there, they will be aggressive in wanting to move up. You’re talking about the type of move that the Eagles made to get that pick for Carson Wentz. That’s likely going to look like those two first-round picks and most of their Day 2 picks and probably a pick or maybe two next year.”


As for if the Giants should do it, the source could only offer his opinion. It seems like the Jets with the third pick are destined to take a quarterback and could go after Darnold if he’s available. All of which means that the Giants can cash in on a team desperate to move up.


“I would if I was them. There’s going to be some good talent later in the first round. They definitely need to get younger and better along both lines. They could use a running back later in this draft too,” the source said. “Then with a couple of picks in the second and third round, they can add depth that can grow into starters. Some team is going to overpay and the Giants could benefit.”

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