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South of Calgary home to a vibrant, active community

There is much to do in the south of Calgary for families to stay active and interested in their communities.

Lake Bonavista has a vibrant community hall (1401 Acadia Drive S.E.) for residents to congregate for hockey – one small rink and one large – a gym used for the community league basketball, indoor soccer, badminton, volleyball and so on. A room formerly used for squash has been converted into a fitness room for yoga and other related activities. Upstairs contains a multi-purpose room for members to be creative for its use. A concession stand is also on the main level for visitors to take advantage as well. See www.lbca.info for more information.

Of course Bonavista Lake cannot be forgotten for things to do in the area. Residents pay an annual fee to the community Home Owner’s Association for upkeep and therefore, it is a private lake. Non-members are allowed to visit and use the outdoor facilities, but only when they sign in as a Lake Bonavista community member’s guest.

In the summer, both the north and south beach entrances are open while in the winter the lake can only be accessed by the north entrance. Summer activities include swimming (waterfall flows on the north side), fishing, boating, tennis and basketball. Picnic tables are closer to the south beach and small playground apparatuses are spread out around the whole lake.

Winter time at the lake is just as active once the ice is thick enough to hold a Zamboni to clear patches for shinny games. The Zamboni doesn’t stop there though – it creates a figure eight stretching across the lake to give skaters a loop without the chance of a hockey stick getting in their way. The basketball courts are flooded for more skating nearby the north entrance for smaller kids to skate – no hockey sticks allowed there. Finally, the waterfall and hill turns into a huge feature for adventurous tobogganers.

On the other side of Canyon Meadows Drive, Lake Bonavista residents can access the paths of Fish Creek Provincial Park for running, biking or just strolling with family members, four legged or two.

Canyon Meadows residents have direct access into Fish Creek too by heading south towards the end of Elbow Drive. It takes visitors directly to a parking lot that even a bus route is dedicated to stopping nearby. Paved paths weave in and around the Park for multiple family/friend activities.

A private golf course, Canyon Meadows Golf and Country Club, resides on 14th Street and the end of Canyon Meadows Drive overlooking Fish Creek.

The southwest community is lucky to have two halls for residents to use for moms & tots groups, yoga, wedding receptions, but most importantly the two outdoor rinks with stadium lighting. The Canyon Meadows Community Association can be found at 848 Cantabrian Drive S.W. and www.cmca.ca.

City-owned Canyon Meadows Aquatic & Fitness Centre is at 89 Canova Road S.W. and more information can be found at www.calgary.ca.

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