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SouthField: ‘We get to watch this community grow’

There are few things as exciting as buying your first home, especially when it’s newly built and you’re the first residents. But when it’s in a brand new community as well, that’s practically pioneering.

Kim Whittington and her fiance D.J. Brinn, both 26, are the second residents to move into SouthField, the massive residential, retail and commercial development in South Weymouth. The couple visited an open house there last fall and were hooked. They immediately put down a deposit on a townhouse, waited patiently and moved in mid-July.

“I thought it was an exciting opportunity to be a part of something new,” says Whittington, who previously lived in Stoughton. “We weren’t sure how fast construction would move along, but it stayed on schedule. There’s still a lot of work going on around us. But it’s cool to be the first residents.”

The timing was perfect for them. The couple wanted a home ready for their marriage in October, but they didn’t want to live together for too long before. The new house is still sparsely furnished, but wedding gifts will help fill out some spaces. The location suits them, too. Whittington, a financial analyst, works in Canton; and Brinn, an accountant, works in Boston. Both have very easy commutes, says Whittington.

Like any homebuyers, the couple did a lot of looking around before deciding on SouthField.

“We did the apartment search, but nothing was what we wanted,” says Whittington. “This is an affordable first home for us, and we get to watch this community grow.”

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